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I wonder what changes Wesfarmers have planned for this program now that they own nearly half the FlyBuys participants. I'd to see more bonus points on offer like there was a few years ago. What would you like to see changed?

Added about 5 years ago

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    Well, they've already got their own points and rewards system. So they have the ability to do more tailored benefits than Woolworths. The earn ratio, really, isn't that much worse than EverydayRewards it's just that FlyBuys isn't connected to frequent flyers. I'd like to see them start offering tailored points earn and burn options. That'd be pretty cool. They also need to tidy up the whole discounted fuel offer. I was a fan of the Gift Card Giveaway, so maybe exploring options to include that as a part of the core program would be a nice touch. Surely they are up to something behind the scenes... If not, then they should be, otherwise Woolies is gonna blow them out of the water.

    Added about 5 years ago