Expedia World MasterCard Elite

Perks are the benefits you get from a loyalty program.

  • Complimentary Companion Tickets

    Passenger is responsible for all fees, taxes and charges incurred with the travel and must make reservations through Spirit Incentives. Details will be provided upon card membership.

  • Earn 2 Points - Expedia.com

    Earn 2 points for every dollar spent on all purchases made at Expedia.com, except car reservations that are not booked as part of a vacation package, cruise bookings, and hotel reservations for non-Expedia Special Rate holes.

  • Earn 1 Point - All Purchases

    Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend using your Elite card.

  • Earn 2 Points - Supermarkets, Gas, Drugs

    Earn 2 points for every dollar spent with the card on purchases at Supermarkets, Gas Stations, and Drug Stores. Points earned in a calendar year are limited to 200,000.

  • Earn 1 Point - Miles Flown

    Earn 1 point for every mile you fly with Expedia. There is a limit of 100,000 points earned this way each calendar year.

  • $100 Off First Purchase

    Get $100 off your first purchase made with the card in the form of credit applied to your account.